Video Ventures, LLC

About Video Ventures

Beautiful downtown Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Located about 50 miles north of New York City in beautiful Ridgefield, Connecticut, Video Ventures came into being in 1986 to capture on video the experiences of a local church choir on tour in Europe. After two additional shows documenting tours in 1989 and 1992, the operation expanded its scope of video activities to include a whole host of special, one-of-a-kind events such as weddings, documentaries, seminars, and commercial work for local companies. Today the majority of our work falls into two main categories: Performing Arts and Corporate.

Enjoy the lush splendor of New England.

As the scope of our work has evolved over the years, so too has the equipment used. Starting out in the days of VHS and linear, tape-to-tape editing, Video Ventures was an early adopter of digital DV technology and delivered on the medium’s promise of clearer, sharper, more vibrant video. Nothing, however, stands still. In 2007 we fully transitioned to the unparalleled quality of High Definition (HD) video. This key step actually brings customers even greater flexibility, in that we’re now able to provide fully edited HD and, if needed, Standard Definition video in a variety of Web-based formats, as well as on DVDs or Blu-ray disks.

Bottom line...Video Ventures, LLC stands ready to bring its years of experience to bear on your project.