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They say “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  True enough, so imagine what 30 or 60 pictures every second could do for your business. These days video is an essential marketing tool for improving your bottom line. Video Ventures brings to bear more than 25 years of shooting and editing experience, along with the latest in video production equipment, to make sure that your production is the best it can possibly be. Whether for your Website, Internet marketing, a new product launch or an important meeting, Video Ventures stands ready to assist you.

Our Approach

We know that it takes years for a company to build its reputation and image. With that in mind, our approach is simple…we take every step needed to assure that the video we produce reflects the company’s reputation and image for quality, dependability and/ or reliability.

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What We Do

We take a multi-step approach to producing videos for our clients. First, we meet with the client to review the scope of the project, obtain a copy of the script and, if possible, walk through the area where the shoot will take place…be it the production floor or a key executive’s office. Then we submit a detailed estimate so there is no confusion over what we plan to produce and what the company expects to get. Once our estimate has been accepted, we then set a date with the client to do the shoot, make arrangements for any extra equipment that may be needed, and schedule the shoot crew. When the shoot is complete all video is then reviewed and the best segments are selected for inclusion in the video. Following the script, the video is then edited and review copies are provided to the client. After any needed changes are made, the project is finalized and delivered to the client in the format requested.

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If script development is required, Video Ventures also has access to local writers who have the needed experience in this specialized form of writing.

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